Session 13               
Saturday June 10, 2006    8:15PM TO 10:30PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston
Eleven: Eleven                        
(20 min)

Love is better in reverse.  By filming in reverse, 11:11 flips
the script on Anna and Otto’s tale of lust. Anna and Otto live
in a backwards world where everything broken eventually
gets fixed. Anna and Otto are narcissists who glide around a
gravity-free universe erasing their past with every step they
take. Anna's pregnancy is a turning point in the relationship.
When Otto exploits Anna’s experience and turns it into
parody, Anna takes her revenge. Only now, she's
reconstructing his loft. The movie's soundtrack makes
backward English sound like a foreign language. 11:11 is a
uniquely cinematic experience, a visual metaphor for the
human capacity for forgetting as well as great right brain
stimulation for the viewer. Intellectually challenging and
visually engaging, 11:11 plays like a sexy foreign film but is
really a hip-hop comedy in reverse.

Doug Bennett,
Mataji Booker

PRODUCER: Harye Cook, Esther Peres
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: David Silver, Stanley Kugell,
Andrew Egendorf, Esther Peres
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