Session 13               
Saturday June 10, 2006    8:15PM TO 10:30PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston
Not My Religion              (8 min)

“Not My Religion” is a fictional tale of a chance encounter between a
Mermaid and Jesus Christ. The entire piece takes place under water
and is a comment on issues that affect most of the world, issues such
as communication, relationships, the different view points and world of
the two sexes, theology, innocence and loss.

Kelsey Matheson
John Dickie

PRODUCER: Kelsey Matheson


Eleven: Eleven                        (20 min)

Love is better in reverse.  By filming in reverse, 11:11 flips the script
on Anna and Otto’s tale of lust. Anna and Otto live in a backwards
world where everything broken eventually gets fixed. Anna and Otto
are narcissists who glide around a gravity-free universe erasing their
past with every step they take. Anna's pregnancy is a turning point in
the relationship. When Otto exploits Anna’s experience and turns it
into parody, Anna takes her revenge. Only now, she's reconstructing
his loft. The movie's soundtrack makes backward English sound like a
foreign language. 11:11 is a uniquely cinematic experience, a visual
metaphor for the human capacity for forgetting as well as great right
brain stimulation for the viewer. Intellectually challenging and visually
engaging, 11:11 plays like a sexy foreign film but is really a hip-hop
comedy in reverse.

Doug Bennett,
Mataji Booker

PRODUCER: Harye Cook, Esther Peres
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: David Silver, Stanley Kugell, Andrew
Egendorf, Esther Peres


Facade A Facade                   (17 min)

Spencer is an actor whose only way to get play is by playing a part.
His friend Ian convinces him to be himself, so he does, and meets this
exotic girl one night, Charlette. Meanwhile, Gus, a crazy eccentric ex-
CIA agent, has been using Spencer as bate to get to Charlette. Ian,
totally unaware of the situation, is at the bar waiting for Spencer, but
for some reason isn't showing up. Ian is pleasantly distracted by a
female (er, transvestite), named Jack. What happens next? Watch.

Kevin Harrington  (Spencer)
Margarette Whitehair  (Charlette)
Tim Whitehair  (Gus)
Nick Blanchette  (Jack)
Dan Fallon  (Ian)
Julian Cassia  (Julian)

DIRECTOR, WRITER: Nick Blanchette
PRODUCER: Nick Blanchette, Tim Whitehair
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Nick Blanchette, David G. Prowse


Midnight                                 (86 min)

11:07 PM – New Year’s Eve. Addison Craig enjoys a brief moment of
escape as he stands outside his hotel, while Scarlett Bell questions
her relationship with husband-to-be, Dean Collins, four floors above.

Over the course of the next ninety minutes, Midnight captures the
parallel lives of two downhearted strangers and their intersection in
two simultaneous, uninterrupted takes.

Addison, a struggling screenwriter, is polishing the script for Kosmos,
the latest blockbuster from Hollywood director Norton Kavanagh.
Confined in a hotel just days before the shoot, Addison finds himself
torn between his conflicts with Norton and his inability to love girlfriend
and actress, Holly Bedeau. Meanwhile, across the hall, Scarlett and
Dean celebrate the holiday together as they prepare for the last
promotional tour of Dean’s autobiographical novel, Years of Perpetual
Motion. When Dean opts to spend his evening with a few friends,
Scarlett is left contemplating the love they once shared and the fear
that it will never return.

DIRECTOR, PRODUCER: Court Dunn, Michael Matson Forest

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