Zoom Suit                                    10 Min.

After 50 years, the U.S. Government
unravels the secrets to the alien suit
recovered in the spaceship crash of
Roswell, New Mexico. The armor-now
calibrated for human thought response-
allows the wearer supersonic flight, body
armor, super strength, X-Ray vision and
neuro blasts from the palms. The suit is to
be delivered to the Pentagon, but it's
packed in a suitcase and handcuffed to the
wrong man!

In a theft attempt, the enemy operative leaps
from the plane at 15,000 feet and attempts
to put on the suit and escape to North
Korea. Unbeknownst, the suit was created
for 4 foot tall aliens! It's too small for him! He
and the suit fall to earth. The suit survives
and is found by Myles, a young boy who
can't afford a Halloween costume. This year,
'Trick or Treat' has a whole new meaning.

Writer, Director, Producer: John Taddeo
(USA) Digital Video