Session 3               
Thursday June 8, 2006    4:15PM TO 6:45PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Young Beautiful and Screwed Up  
(90 min)

Two teenage countryside boys with dreams bigger than life but
totally penniless meet a young posh Parisian girl and her racist
boyfriend who have lost their way on a short break to the wine
region of Bergerac. Maurice (Matthias Van Khache) falls madly
for the girl (Elise Perrier). He’s a gifted farm worker, terrorized by
his boss (Richard Bohringer) and has never experienced true

The girl’s boyfriend starts a massive fight at the village Saturday
night ball. He runs away with the girl. The boys decide to chase
him in Paris, get revenge and… make their dearest dreams
come true in the big city.

With the help of three street kids (like the three wise men, one of
African origin, one of Asian origin, one of Arab origin) they find
the boyfriend back through a network of crazy parties and
pretentious artificial crowds…..Only, he kicks them out.

They sleep rough, stay places they’re not welcome at, try their
luck with them most inaccessible people and girls, beg on the
streets, and dare almost anything completely fearlessly. In the
meantime the Parisian girl dumps her boyfriend. She dreams of
another life in the countryside away form the stressful city jobs.
Maurice seems Mr Right for he knew life…But he’s not ready to
go back until he gets what he came for. At the farm, there is
great concern: the boss, worried and angry has decided to go
after them. He also wants to check on his son who is supposed
to study medical school and who’s been behaving strangely
lately. He suspects Maurice found shelter at his place…

Mathias Van Khache,
Mareva Galanter,
Stephane Soomongo,
Harve Lassince,
Martial Odone,
Elise Perrier

PRODUCER: John Hardy, Jean-Marie Poire,
Henning Molfenter, Claude Carrere

(France) 35mm

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