What Babies Want                        58Min.

Birth is one of the few experiences that is
universal to all humans, and everyone seems to
have an opinion about it. This film is one of the
first major conversations about this important
topic from the perspective of the infant. What
Babies Want is a heart opening film that brings
together ground-breaking information about
what babies truly are, what they know, and how
we can support them to be their best as they
develop and grow. The experience we have at
our birth sets up our perceptive neurology and
influence the way we perceive the events of our
lives. These early interactions shape our human
ability to learn, to trust, and to develop
relationships as we grow older. The film is alive
with captivating stories and remarkable personal
experiences of infants, children, and adults. It is
warmly narrated by Noah Wyle who, with his wife
Tracy, shares with us their passion for deeper
understanding and awareness of what a baby
truly is.

Cast: Joseph Chilton Pearce  (Magical Child,
Evolution's end (author))
Sobonfu Some'  (Welcoming Spirit Home
Noah Wyle  (ER, The Librarian, White Magnolia)
David Chamberlain  (The Mind of Your Newborn)
Mary Jackson  
Barbara Findeison  

Writer: David Tarleton
Director: Debby Takikawa
Producer: Debby Takikawa, David Tarleton,
Martha Burr, Tracy Wyle, Elmer Postle
(USA) Digital Video
Noah Wyle
Debby Takikawa