Wellstone                                88Min.

Wellstone! is a heartfelt and surprisingly funny
biography of a unique political couple. Senator Paul
Wellstone of Minnesota, his wife Sheila, their
daughter Marcia and three campaign staffers died in
a plane crash eleven days before the 2002 election.
The dramatic electoral nightmare that followed
compounded the tragedy. Paul Wellstone shook up
the U.S. Senate and Sheila Wellstone became an
outspoken advocate for victims of domestic abuse.
The documentary uses rare home video and archival
footage to describe Paul's trajectory from radical
college professor to much-loved populist whose
reach extended far beyond his home state. Bruce
Springsteen donated a song, and Jane Kaczmarek
(Malcolm in the Middle) donated the narration. The
film ensures that in death as in life, the Wellstones
will compel people to examine their own participation
in democracy.

CAST: Paul Wellstone, Sheila Wellstone  
Senator Hillary, Rodham Clinton,  Al Franken
E.J. Dionne  
Representative John Lewis  
Former Vice-President Walter Mondale  

Director: Laurie Stern, Lu Lippold, Dan Luke
Producer: Pamela Colby
Executive Producer: Shayna Berkowitz