Boston International Film Festival        
   Session 1
Wednesday June 7, 2006    5:45PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Opening screenings and Gala Party
Valley of the Heart’s Delight     (97

Though the country descends into the Great Depression, the
bountiful orchards surrounding 1933 San Jose, California continue to
sustain powerful economic forces. But not even a year has passed
since the infamous Lindberg kidnapping trial when the young heir of
the local Walsh & Son department store disappears and his body
turns up in San Francisco Bay. Two men are quickly, if wantonly,
arrested and held for the crime: an Italian immigrant and a hobo. The
powerful, dogmatic editor of the Valley Standard, Albion Munson (Pete
Postlethwaite), is convinced the local police have it right. But an
enterprising reporter, Jack Daumier (Gabriel Mann), doesn't think so.
He's seen the poverty just below the surface of the community and is
sensitive to the goals of union organizing. And when he starts asking
questions, more and more people line up to stop him: Munson, with a
reputation and ideology to maintain; local businesses eager to pin the
blame on unionizing troublemakers; local and state politicians
desperate to maintain the image of law and order; and lastly, the
community at large, easily frightened by the legacy of the Lindberg
trial and the immigrants pouring into the country looking for work.
When a lynching is planned to take the law into their own hands, the
powers that be sit back and wait for it happen. Jack Daumier is
desperate to stop it. The Valley of the Heart's Delight is a historical
drama based on a true story.


Jack Daumier  played by Gabriel Mann

Albion Munson played by Pete Postlethwaite

Helen Walsh played by Emily Harrison

Natalie Walsh  played by Diana Scarwid

Horace Walsh  played by Bruce McGill

Sheriff Ackle  played by Tom Bower

WRITER: Miles Murphy
DIRECTOR: Tim Boxell
PRODUCER: Scott Rosenfelt

Opening Night Gala Party 9:00pm

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Gabriel Mann
Emily Harrison
Pete Postlethwaite
Bruce McGill
Tom Bower
Diana Scarwid