Trespassing                        112Min.

Trespassing poetically examines our fight for
survival. By focusing on the battle around
nuclear storage in the United States,
Trespassing carefully unpacks a deadly
controversy around land rights, uranium
mining, nuclear testing and the disposal of
nuclear waste. An evocative meditation on the
ability of a culture to bring itself to the brink of
annihilation while simultaneously producing
'gatekeepers' to combat that annihilation, this
is a challenging and breathtakingly beautiful
film that questions how we live our lives by
evocatively examining a subject crucial to our
survival as a species. Across a broad
spectrum from Nagasaki survivors to Native
American Tribal leaders, Trespassing offers
an in depth and provocative examination of
historical survival and struggle designed to
impact the present generation and alter a
deadly course of action.

Director: Carlos DeMenezes
Producer: Carlos DeMenezes, Susana Lagudis
(USA) Digital Video