The Mantis Parable                     8 Min.

Created in its entirety by first-time filmmaker
Josh Staub, The Mantis Parable is the charming
tale of a humble caterpillar trapped in a bug
collector's jar and in need of a helping hand.
The story unfolds when a praying mantis with
some lessons to learn in humility stumbles upon

A parable in every sense of the word, the film
encourages the viewer to find the truth revealed
through the characters actions and choices.

From story to visuals to music and sound, Josh
created this computer animated film over an 18
month span at home in his spare time.

By day, Josh is the Art and Visual Design
Director for Cyan Worlds, the creators of the
popular games Myst, Riven, and URU: Ages
Beyond Myst.

Director, Producer: Josh Staub
(USA) Digital video