Sipho and Joyce                        27Min.

Sipho, a 12 year-old boy, lives with his sister Joyce,
15; the only remaining members of their small family
farm. AIDS has claimed their parents and older
brother. The disease may yet separate the children.
But unfolding against beautiful African panoramas,
this sad true story is not without hope.

By 2010 the small kingdom of Swaziland will have a
120 000 AIDS orphans out of a national population
of only 950 000 people. Sipho and Joyce goes
beyond the discouraging statistics to identify the
human face of this unprecedented crisis.

The film production company visited many child-
headed households and found Sipho and his sister
Joyce living in utter isolation and poverty. However,
the children were befriended by a community activist
who is known in the Swazi language as a Lihlombe
Lekukhalela, which means “a shoulder to cry on.” In
the film, she enrolls the children in a choir
competition for other orphans, and she assists
Joyce in determining her AIDS status.

Sipho, with his lazy eye that he has had since birth,
and the lovely shy Joyce, entice the viewer’s
compassion while informing of the real peril such
children endure on a daily basis.

Director, Producer: James Hall
(Manzini, Swaziland) Digital Video