Friday June 24, 2005
Bill Bordy Theatre
Session 9                6:00pm to 8:00pm
Sirprise, Surprise                        11Min.

Tony Plummer and 2 friends are returning
to his house from a day out; are
surprised by 2 crooks waiting for them
inside the entry-porch.

Director, Producer: Tony Plummer
Union Square                               18Min.

Bobby and Charlie are life long friends
and career criminals. But where Bobby
has risen in the crime hierarchy, Charlie
has remained at the bottom. Now Bobby
can't cover for his friend anymore, and is
told to kill Charlie. Faced with his own
death, Charlie decides to have one last
fling, which brings him into the life of a
troubled young woman called Rose.
Charlie sees her as his last chance to
redeem himself, while Bobby struggles
between duty and friendship.

Cast: William Griffin, Jeff Onore,
Polina Khavkina  
Alex Marzec  
Joy Begbie  
Norman Henry  (Latex)

Writer, Director, Producer: Dennis Stevens
(USA) Digital Video
Lost in Plainview                            92 Min.

The battle between good and evil is fought every
day. Melissa and Nina, two coeds are ride sharing
to California. On a stretch of highway, they are
stopped by a mysterious police car. The cop
charms Melissa and escorts them to the
stationhouse to “pay her ticket”. She and the cop
engage in carnal exploration in an empty jail cell.
Nina’s patience runs out and Melissa is forced to
cut their lustful rendezvous short. The cop attempts
to rape Melissa when she tries to leave. She fights
the psychotic killer and runs out. Alone and on foot,
the girls struggle across the sweltering desert
desperately seeking help. Determined not to
become victims, the girls decide to take matters into
their own hands.

Cast: Marquita Terry  (Deep Cover, The Shield,
Spin City, Becker)
Layla Alexander  (Tear of the Sun, Serendipity, Law
& Order SVU, Sleepy Hollow)
Matthew Glave  (Corky Romano, Rock Star, The
Wedding Singer, ER)

Writer, Director: Eric Chambers
Producer: Kerry Rossall, Eric Chambers, Steve
Executive Producer: Robert Abramoff
(USA) Super16mm
Marquita Terry
Layla Alexander