Thursday June 23, 2005
Bill Bordy Theater
Session 7                8:55pm to 10:15pm
Ring of the Bishop                     81 Min.

Having grown materialistic over the years, Monsignor
Pace, who is about to become a bishop, feels no
charity towards his fellow human beings, especially
with one alcoholic priest, Fr. Ramsey.

Taking place over two days, Pace confronts Ramsey
about his drinking, and the fact that he sodomized a
16 year old, female alter-server. Ramsey’s delusion
that they are to get married changes to a confession
that he couldn’t stand seeing her beauty anymore
without acting. Pace is bored with him and after
chastising him, makes him sign a confession and
orders him to rehab center…all the while, taunting
him, and bribing him with a bottle of whiskey in sight.
Something that brings a smile across the face of one
that lives for this torture. One that wants to come
and collect Pace’s soul, the demon, Taoz. A demon
that uses the guise of both a man and a woman.

While visiting and selling drugs to a customer at a
high-class home, the young drug dealer and
prostitute, Lisa, notices Pace surrounded by the
rich, older women toasting and celebrating his
upcoming promotion in the church. It’s there that she
makes up her mind to kidnap him. She has to. She’s
a Catholic, after all. And this night, she will need to.

Cast: Sonya Gendron  (Federal Hill, Messiah, Bye
Bye America, A Civil Action, Meet Joe Black)
Bruce Page  (12 Again, Runaway Train, Public
Enemy, Last Day On Earth, Iron Thunder, The
Siege, Supernova, King of Rain, Mystic River)
Fred Robbins  (Testament, Next Stop Wonderland,
Young Goodman Brown, Mummy Dearest, Shock-O-
Jerry Sims  (Pray for Power, Fear of Wrath,
Astonishing News, It's Not Worth It, Nina)
Webb Tilney  (Broken, Tell us Everything,
Psychiatrix, Overserved, Breaking Even, Next)
Kim Jalette  (Reckoning, Secrets In The City,
Columbus, The Entrepreneurs)

Jose Cassella  (Great White Hunter, Sanctified,
Piece of Mind, Natalia, Logos, Turned Out,
Francesco De Luca  
KM Fitzgerald  
Martin Kelly  (Gladiator, Band of Brothers, The
Magnificent Ambersons, The World is Not Enough,
Clueless, The Bill, Jesus Mary and Joey)
Alessio Doglione  
Paula Kamies  

Writer, Producer: Pierfrancesco Atzori
Director: Kathleen Fitzgerald
(USA) Digital Video