Thursday June 23, 2005
Bill Bordy Theater
Session 6                7:15pm to 8:50pm
Touched                             102 Min
TOUCHED is the love story between a man (Randall
Batinkoff) who awakens from a coma without the
ability to “feel,” and the nurse (Jenna Elfman) who
helps to save him.

SCOTT’S life was a fulfilling one. He loved his son.
He loved his work. His life was working.

And then… his life took a turn. One that he never
could have predicted… One that he never thought
he’d be able to survive.

On just another day… he placed his son in the
passenger seat, got into the driver’s side and
started up the engine. He never saw the pick-up
truck coming, he never even heard a sound.

ANGELA is the nurse who tends to him after he falls
into a coma as a result of the terrible accident. And
it is Angela who has to tell him, when he finally
awakens, two years later, that the accident killed his

As Scott struggles with the impossible loss,
something he either can’t or simply won’t, allow
himself to accept, he starts to realize that he no
longer has the sense of “touch.” Quite literally, he
can no longer “feel.”

As for Angela, a seemingly kindred, but haunted
soul, her past has its own pain. Its own secrets. She,
too, has a journey to face. A reality to confront.

In the tradition of “Ordinary People” and “Terms Of
Endearment,” TOUCHED is a journey of love…
loss… and the life we live between.