Thursday June 23, 2005
Bill Bordy Theater
Session 5             5:00pm to 7:00pm
Flatbush                                   19 Min

Connie Dolan left the old
neighborhood and never looked back.
After meeting her half-sister, Connie is
finally forced to deal with her father’s
abandonment. Flatbush explores the
difficulty of acceptance and the power
of forgiveness.

Cast: Alison Eastwood
M.J. Karmi, Gordon Clapp, Patti Tippo,
Jeffrey Muller

Writer: Gary Lennon
Director, Producer: Karim Karmi
Natural Selection                  17 Min.

In the future city of Los Angeles 2097,
outlaw genetic engineering has
transformed the streets into a
battleground between those who
protect nature and those who exploit it.
ANGELO and his father are part of an
organization fighting to save innocent
wildlife from evil gene poachers. Sworn
to a code of non-violence, the
adolescent Angelo is tempted to use
lethal force on their enemies, but his
father forbids him.

Cast: Lee Arenberg, Ian Nelson,
Kevin McCorkle  
Writer, Director: Scott Leberecht
Producer: Monte Zajicek
(USA) 35mm
Sexual Life                           95 Min.

SEXUAL LIFE is a contemporary drama about the uses and
abuses of sex. The story follows the intersecting lives and
loves of eight people. We move from liaison to liaison,
eavesdropping on our characters’ most intimate moments
and discovering the truth about our sexual lives.

LORNA (Azura Skye), a prostitute in her late teens, tells her
roommate/best friend TERRI (Carla Gallo) that she has
decided to quit. Her last “trick” is TODD (Tom Everett
Scott), a photographer in his twenties who wants to spend
one night with a prostitute in order to lose himself in a
dissolute fantasy. Todd also has a girlfriend, SARAH
(Elizabeth Banks), an executive assistant to an architect,
JOSH (James Le Gros). After several dates
Sarah and Todd have yet to consummate their relationship
and Todd is not sure why.

Finally when they do make love Sarah is ambivalent; she
likes and respects Todd but she is not excited by him. It is
soon revealed that Sarah is having an affair with her boss
Josh; a man she is terribly attracted to but despises as a
rake and an egomaniac. To complicate matters we discover
that Josh is married to GWEN (Anne Heche) and that
he sees no inconsistency between his attraction to Sarah
and the love for his wife. Gwen, however, feels Josh is
slipping away and correctly assumes that Sarah is the
reason. Gwen is afraid to confront Josh and instead she
hopes to seduce her old BOYFRIEND (Steven Webber), a
successful actor who happens to be in town visiting his
sister. By having this affair Gwen hopes to have her
revenge on her husband and restore her waning self-
esteem. Unfortunately, it turns out her old Boyfriend is now
gay, having “come out” shortly after they broke up years
ago. Dejected by this news, Gwen soon finds comfort in the
arms of DAVID (Eion Bailey), a sympathetic desk clerk at the
hotel where she was having lunch. After the liaison, David
and Gwen part, never to see or speak to each other again.

Upon returning to his post at the hotel David finds ROSALIE
(Kerry Washington) waiting for him. David is in love with
Rosalie but unfortunately she is about to get married to
JERRY (Dule Hill), the son of a prominent politician.
Consequently, David is hoping to break off his relationship
with Rosalie but Rosalie is not making it easy for him, and
she even wants David to attend her wedding. David refuses
to attend the wedding but later he finds Rosalie outside his
bedroom window and shortly thereafter the two make
passionate love.

Later, Rosalie lies to Jerry that she “uninvited” David. This
pleases Jerry as they both want their pending marriage to
be about the future and not the past. And besides, Jerry
feels enough pressure having to live up to the expectations
of his overbearing father without having Rosalie’s “ex-
boyfriend” around. The night before the wedding, Jerry and
his friends celebrate the end of his bachelor days. At the
bachelor party his friends have a surprise for him; they’ve
hired a prostitute. As it turns out the prostitute is none other
than Lorna, whose planned retirement seems not to have
worked out as she had hoped. In the midst of their
encounter Jerry breaks away and confesses to Lorna that
he doesn’t want to go through with the marriage. Lorna
convinces Jerry that he should run away and move on with
his life, something she had hoped to do herself in the
beginning but didn’t manage to accomplish. Jerry takes her
advice and disappears through an open window.

At the end of the film Lorna and Terri decide to sneak into
the wedding to see if Jerry goes through with it. It turns that
Todd is the photographer at the wedding and he and Lorna
recognize each other but the exchange is awkward for both
of them. The story ends with Jerry and Rosalie getting
married. Lorna is puzzled about why Jerry went through with
it but concludes that you never know what the future will

Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, SEXUAL LIFE is a
dramatic meditation on sex and love, how we use one to find
the other, and how, more often than not, we confuse
physical intimacy with emotional honesty. The cast of
characters are linked through a series of brutally honest
and intimate sexual liaisons. Through this series of sexual
encounters the film shines a light on the unending human
desire to find a romantic connection with others but how,
more often than not, these encounters lead to frustration
and misunderstanding.

Director: Ken Kwapis