Thursday June 23, 2005
Loews Theatre Boston Common
Session 3                7:45pm to 10:00pm
Aimée Price                                 40Min.

Aimée Price, 25 years old and stunning, meets a
mysterious antiquarian. Confronting her with the reality
that her life has amounted to nothing more than being
an unloved trophy wife, he persuades her to exchange
one year of her youth for a life of happiness. Skeptical
yet intrigued, Aimée signs a contract. The next day her
husband dies and she inherits all his wealth. For the
next 25 years, Aimée looks for the love that will
complete her. Finally, at age 50, she falls head over
heels for a seemingly shallow and self-absorbed 28
year-old painter. Convinced that only youth and beauty
can attract the artist, Aimée returns to the antiquarian
to demand her 25th year back. The antiquarian agrees
but not without a price…

Cast: Anastasia Drake, John Savage, Austin Peck.

Director: Julien Roussel
Producer: Julien Roussel and Anatasia Drake
(USA) 35mm
John Savage
Autumn                        110Min

Jean-Pierre (Laurent Lucas) is a troubled hit
man who is starting to realize that he has too
much conscience to kill. Having recently
rekindled his relationship with his childhood
soul mate Michelle (Irène Jacob), he sees
their love as a way out. But reality soon
grips him when he learns that she has stolen
a mysterious briefcase, forcing Jean-Pierre
to walk a fine line between protecting the
woman he loves and falling back into the
world of crime he just left… an impossible
task that soon unravels in ways that he can
neither imagine nor control.  Autumn is a
journey into altered lives, an exploration of
memory, choice and regret.

Director, Producer: RA’UP McGEE

Jean-Pierre                         Laurent Lucas
Michelle                               Irène Jacob
André                                  Benjamin Rolland
Véronique                         Dinara Droukarov
Noël                                    Michel Aumont
Claude                                 Samuel Dupuy
The Bodyguard                    Denis Ménochet
Hugo                             Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Gérard                              Didier Sauvegrain
Young Jean-Pierre             Etienne Lassalas
Young Michelle                    Frankie Wallach
Young André                           Mathias Driay
The Vagabond                         Erick Deshors
Simon                                      Simon Le Roy
The Victime                              Agnès Conan
The Réceptionniste           Bertrand Le Guen
The Little Boy                           Josselin Ciais
The Little Girl                        Tilly Mandelbrot

(France/USA) 35mm
Anastasia Drake