Sunday June 26, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Session 22        3:00pm to 5:00pm
Incursions in Chunk               15 Min.

Incursions In Chunk - is a look at
Dewayne Dickerson as an emerging
poet living in Boston. It includes
interviews and poetry set in East
Boston and Cambridge, MA. Content is
graphic and artistic and includes
excerpts from Dickerson’s new book

Director, Producer: Ken Kinna
(USA) Digital Video
As Is: A Down Sized Life        70 Min.

'As Is: A Downsized Life'' takes you
behind the scenes into the lives of
eleven divergent individuals who
encounter economic simplicity. All were
once upwardly mobile. In 2004 they
found themselves earning, spending,
consuming less and making incredible
discoveries about themselves along
the way. Some embraced voluntary
downward moblitity as a lifeform long
ago. Others recently found themselves
unemployed, ill without insurance or
otherwise without income. Each
conveys a true grit approach to
confronting consumerism, materialism
and the implications on self esteem,
dignity and freedom. Shot across the
USA and Eastern Europe, the social,
political, spiritual, environmental,
psychological, spiritual, practical and
philosophical elements of life on the
downside are exposed with unabashed
realism. Former Disney animators,
entertainers, educators, physicians,
monastic nuns...all join the discussion
about life after downsizing.
Professional auctioneer Marie Keep's
unique cadence and provenance
provides insight about these lives on
the proverbial auction block.

Director, Producer: Maryanne Galvin
(USA) Digital Video
Chicle                                      14 Min.

“Chiclé” addresses the innocence and
incorruptibility of a young boy trying to survive
and remain on the path to morality in an
impoverished third-world community, despite
the depraved actions of those around him.

Pablo, a Peruvian street kid, discovers a lost
American girl and sacrifices his means of
survival---selling gum--- to help her find her
mother. Meanwhile, his older brother robs an
American tourist who happens to be lost girl’s
mother and gives the stolen money to his own

Pablo has to return to his family heartbroken
and empty-handed. But his spirits are raised
when his brother presents him with a stolen
photo of the girl, and his mother gives him two
American dollars to buy gum for the next day.

Cast: Jaiver Ramos  
Quinn Schmalenberg-Westenbarger  

Writer, Director: Josh Hyde
Producer: Dan Fischer, Maxi Holland
(Peru) Super 16mm