Sunday June 26, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Session 21        12:30pm to 2:30pm
Nikkis’s Fight                          16 Min.

An honest and inspiring portrait of a 17 year old girl
from a working class family of boxers, who is training
for a critical upcoming fight against a United States
Marine. With her loyal trainer, Doug, her stepfather,
by her side, watch as Nikki struggles to make a name
for herself in the male dominated world of boxing.

Cast: Nicole Silveira  (Female Lead Feature and
Female Boxer)
Doug Wear  (Nicole's Stepfather and Boxing Coach)
Doreen Wear  (Nicole's Mother)
Edwino Silveira  (Nikki's Father)
Derek Silveira  (Nikki's Brother)

Director, Producer: Dacia Kornechuk
(USA) Digital Video
Quitters                                   12 Min.

Jake and Bobby are friends, roommates,
drinking buddies. When frustrated Bobby
announces a radical change in his lifestyle --
quitting smoking -- Jake informs him he doesn't
have a chance. Challenged, offended and
realizing he can't go it alone, Bobby plays on
Jake's weak spot and the two enter into a high
stakes bet as to who can go longer without a
cigarette. As the days pass, the two men try
anything to beat the cravings and each other.
Relishing their ingenuity and ability to
undermine one another, they explore and
abuse loopholes and alternative therapies.
Intertwining addiction and competition, passive
Bobby and aggressive Jake's bid for
dominance, ultimately unhinging them from
reality, plays out with comic and tragic

Cast: Jon Hemingway  (Bobby)
Sergio Cacciotti  (Jake)
Michelle Marlowe  (Maria)
Director: Henry Miller
Producer: Michael Gunther, Marissa McMahon
(USA) 35mm
Good Bye Hello                      75 Min.

In 1970's communist Bulgaria Irena's son David
dissapears. Her daughter Ina remains.

20 years later Emi still pines for her long lost son,
searching the faces of passengers in the
international terminal.

Today David Lawrence steps off a plane in Sofia,
Bulgaria. He is not Emi’s son, but he shares the
same first name. This coincidence is enough for
Emi to embrace David as her own, and David
soon finds himself playing the role of long lost
son lured by his supposed 'sister' Ina.

David is actually a paparazzi journalist with mafia
connections. Emi’s anger when she discovers
David commiting incest with his 'sister' dissolves
into fear when the Bulgarian mafia show up at her
doorstep looking for him.

Cast: Elena Petrova, Maria Statuolova  
Peter Gaitandjiev  
Svetlio Vitkov, Francisco Fagan, Talley Mulligan  
Director, Producer: Jonathan Heidelberger
(Bulgaria) 35mm
In The Morning                        10 Min.

When a young, Turkish woman is brutally
attacked, the responsibility of
restoring  her family's lost honor is left in the
hands of her younger
- a thirteen year old boy.


Anais Thomassian (Derya, daughter)
JJ Darwish (Baran, younger brother)
Al No'mani (Mokan, father)
Ludwig Manukian (Baki, attacker)
Joseph LeMieux (Serhat, older brother)
Enrique Renaldo (Jirek, uncle)
Edwin Craig (Soran, grandfather)
Yerman Gur (Busboy)

Written/Directed by Danielle Lurie
Produced by Katie Mustard
Shot on 35mm