Sunday June 26, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Session 20        10:00am to 12:00pm
Cuadrilatero                            16 Min.

A, a violoncello teacher, felt in love with B
since the first moment he saw her. B, a
cello student, is living with C, who she
considers the man of his life. C tells her he
can't take a farther step in their
relationship because of his family,
although he dosen't have a family. He is
always thinking in his neighbour D, also a
cello player, but D is herself in love with A,
her old teacher and now a friend, although
she has never dared to tell him about her

Cast: Jordi Dauder, Angeles Maeso,
Mathieu Amalric
Silvia Marsó
Director: José-Carlos Ruiz
Producer: José-Antonio Bonet
(Spain) 35mm
The Wayfares                            81 Min.

Alex Wayfarer is an advertising man who
hasn't been home in over two years. He
receives a call from his mother, Fran, who
claims she is dying yet again. She is a
compulsive liar and does this every few
years. This time however, it may be real.
Alex makes his way home and has to cope
with his eccentric relatives.

Fran immediately sets out to 'celebrate'
her life by throwing a huge dinner, giving
everyone lists on ways to remember her,
and picking out her gravestone. As the
week progresses, Alex slowly begins to
grudgingly accept his eccentric family, his
old girlfriend, his overbearing mother, and
the world of lobstering, all of which he's
been running from his whole life.

Cast: Chris Norwood, Bonnie Stockdale  
(Jack Milton: Fairy Tale Detective)
Bob Jodka  
Dennis Lemoine  (Jack Milton: Fairy Tale
Julie O'Conner  
Courtney Baxter

Writer, Director, Producer: Todd Norwood
(USA) Digital Video
The Chicken Races                    7 Min.

Welcome to the worst day of Jake’s life.
This is Freshman Clash Day. But this is
no ordinary Clash Day. This is the day
when Jake must restore honor to his
family name by winning the title of
Chicken King, a title stolen from his
brother Evan last year. And to win the
title of Chicken King, Jake must win the
Chicken Races.

Cast: Jon Millstein  (TO LIFE (Lead:
Ernie Goldberg, Independent Film); OUR
TOWN (Lead: George, New Hampshire
Theater Project); Roger Williams Park
Zoo Commercial; PBS ZOOM; Radio
PSA; Computer Game Voice Over)
Dan Millstein  (THE SHOT (Lead actor,
Writer, Director, Editor, Short film); HOW
TO SLAP (Writer, Director, DP, Editor,
(Writer, Director, DP, Editor, Short Film);
UNDERSTAND (Writer, Director, DP,
Director, Producer: Christopher Boone
(USA) Digital Video