Thursday June 23, 2005
Loews Theatre Boston Common
Session 2                5:45pm to 8:00pm
THUG                        2Min.

A woman runs for her life from a menacing
pursuer. Will anyone save her?

Maria Alegre, Franco Tombino, Chris Clark  
Edward Sutliffe, Jason Dirusso, Greg Shea,
Jack Ordway.

Writer, Director, Producer: Geva Patz
(USA) Digital Video

Little red jiving hood                        11Min.

This musical retelling of the age-old classic takes place in
a surreal world where houses have bagels for windows
and trees sing scat. Little Red Jiving Hood draws its
inspiration from the Ancient Mystical Bond between the
Hunter and the Hunted – and the music of Betty Boop.

In the interest of historical accuracy, Little Red Jiving
Hood was filmed in the very same forest where the
original incident actually took place.

Cast: Maizy Hillman, Luke Ban, Amy Rudnick  
Leah Fischer, Dai Ban.

Writer, Director and Producer: Ben Hillman
(USA) Digital Video
Rubbers                        8Min.

What makes Spudgy rub? Team Torpor goes behind
the scenes in sleepy Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, to
examine the 'real life' of gravestone topographic
fetishists, or 'rubbers'. These wholesome American
hobbyists seem like perfect neighbors and 'just plain
folks', but what dark impulse draws them to the
graveyard every weekend with their charcoal or crayon
and rolls of white paper? If 'necro-frottage' is a term
you've heard your teenager use, you owe it to yourself
to see first-hand the documentary that Gourmet
Magazine called 'an embarrassment to pastry chefs

Conceived, scripted, shot, scored and edited in 48
hours, by filmmakers Baron and Cabot. With an original
score by Asian banjist Tsuji.

Cast: Anthony Austin, Karen Ball  
FEATURED PLAYER: Mayeti Gametchu, Annie Stemlar
and Andy Marshall  

Director: Douglas Cabot, David Baron
Producer: Douglas Cabot.
(USA) Digital Video
Greener Mountains                    88 Min

'Greener Mountains' is the coming of age story of JP
Barton, an adopted boy raised on a throwback Vermont
family resort. Since being found as an infant by the
mercurial aging owner, JP has essentially never left the
grounds. But with the arrival of Alice, a free spirited
New York artist, his sheltered life is suddenly turned
upside down, propelling him on a bumpy ride of self-
discovery. It’s not until JP accepts who he is, that he
realizes what’s most important to him. As a result he is
finally able to win Alice and in the process save the
resort. 'Greener Mountains' is a story of finding out
where you belong in the world and discovering that who
you are is often more than enough.

Cast: Chris Heuisler,
Kimberly McCullough,
Kevin Durand, Brad Raider
Michael Hitchcock, Curtis Armstrong
M. Emmet Walsh, Nan Martin.

Writer: Hector Hill
Director: Lee Shallat Chemel.
Producer: Adam Selkowitz.
Chris Heuisler
Kimberly McCullough
Brad Raider