Saturday June 25, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Session 19        10:30pm to 12:30am
Spit                                        22Min

Jack Danziger (Eric Roberts) meets Turbo, (Greg
Haberny) a skateboarder hit man at a desolate diner
on a rainy New York night. Jack makes a generous
offer to have Turbo kill his cheating wife, Charlene
Danziger (Brette Taylor). But, unbeknownst to Jack is
that, Turbo has already been employed by Charlene,
who wants to have Jack killed.
Turbo uses the setup as a means of creating what
amounts to a bidding war. Charlene phoning in her
offers while Turbo takes her calls within full sight of
Jack. Jack is in the dark about this until Turbo gets a
too confident and lets a small, jarring piece of
information slip to Jack…information that Jack
realizes Turbo would know only if he has met his wife.

Cast:Eric Roberts  (Jack Danziger)
Greg Haberny  (Turbo)
Brette Taylor  (Charlene)
Writer, Director, Producer: Michael Scalisi
(USA) Super16mm
Greener Mountains                    88 Min

'Greener Mountains' is the coming of age story of JP
Barton, an adopted boy raised on a throwback Vermont
family resort. Since being found as an infant by the
mercurial aging owner, JP has essentially never left the
grounds. But with the arrival of Alice, a free spirited
New York artist, his sheltered life is suddenly turned
upside down, propelling him on a bumpy ride of self-
discovery. It’s not until JP accepts who he is, that he
realizes what’s most important to him. As a result he is
finally able to win Alice and in the process save the
resort. 'Greener Mountains' is a story of finding out
where you belong in the world and discovering that who
you are is often more than enough.

Cast: Chris Heuisler,
Kimberly McCullough,
Kevin Durand, Brad Raider
Michael Hitchcock, Curtis Armstrong
M. Emmet Walsh, Nan Martin.

Writer: Hector Hill
Director: Lee Shallat Chemel.
Producer: Adam Selkowitz.
Chris Heuisler
Kimberly McCullough
Brad Raider
Eric Roberts