Saturday June 25, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Session 17        6:30pm to 8:30pm
The Listener                              10 Min.

A young woman is walking through a city market
when she comes across a musician on the
street. She watches him a while, and it
eventually becomes apparent he is blind.

A gust of wind rustles up from the musician's
cap and a five Euro note skips out and blows
across the street. The young woman catches
the note beneath her foot and picks it up, but
before she can return it, the blind man has
continued on his way.

The woman follows the man home, and through
a course of bad luck and unlikely timing, she
inadvertently finds herself locked inside his flat.

Sensing another presence in the room, he
begins his search for the suspected intruder.
The game of cat and mouse begins…

Cast: Nora-Jane Noone, Séamus Ó hAodha,
Alastair Mac Aindreasa
Daniel Rosen

Writer, Director: Michael Chang
Producer: Valerie Parker
(Ireland) 35mm
Sandstorm                                     76min

The Darkest Moments Can Reveal the Deepest
Truths Trapped twelve days in a massive
sandstorm in China and running out of food and
water, a policeman cares for his dying wife as they
grieve over the loss of their daughter who was
caught in the storm. In this isolation and
confinement, the policeman's conscience
emerges as he is haunted by memories of his role
in the vicious persecution of Falun Gong
practitioners. As the policeman oscillates between
his current fear of starvation during the storm and
his greater fear of his past, the storm outside is
nothing like what he has to face within himself...

WINNER: 25 film festival awards to date, 11 for
“Best Feature Film”, including Ashville Film
Festival, Century City Film Festival, deadCenter
Film Festival, and Philadelphia’s 27th Philafilm Int’
l Film Festival, as well as a “Festival Special
Prize” at Law & Society Int’l Film Festival in
Moscow, Russia.

Cast: Rong Tian, Lili Li, Angela Huang  
Steve Hong, Cheng Guang  

Writer, Director, Producer: Michael Mahonen
(Toronto) Digital Video
Beach Close in Winter                16 Min.

Living in a barren beachside New York
neighborhood in wintertime, Lynn, a young
Chinese girl struggles with loneliness and
neglect while her favored younger brother is
lavished with affections by their parents.
When her sadness becomes resentment,
she decides to abandon her brother in an
unfamiliar place as a way to escape her
cruel reality.

Cast: Amanda Mak, Langston Tillman,
Hanson Tse
Rachel Lu  (Mrs. Sha)

Writer, Director: Wei-chen Chang.
Producer: Wei-chen Chang, Ssu-han Wang
(Taiwan) 35mm