Saturday June 25, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Session 16        4:00pm to 6:00pm
Boquita                                        9 Min.

'Boquita' presents a day in the life portrait of a
performer from the Dominican Republic who
resides in Jamaica Plain,
MA. It is a 9 minute exploration of Boquita in
various facets of her
life –day job at an AIDS prevention center, night
job at various gay
clubs in MA, and home getting ready for a show or
chilling out with
friends. Throughout the film we hear informal
conversations about
migrant queer identities, conflicting relationship
with the home
country, and inter Caribbean relations. In Spanish
with English

Director: Carmen Oquendo, Richard Ruiz
Producer: Carmen Oquendo
(USA) Digital Video
DAYS GONE BY                        15Min.

After a chance encounter with a mysterious
woman, a man struggles with his own repressed
desires regarding missed opportunities and the

Eric Luke, Jean Desire, Diana Shneider, Aliyya

Writer, Director, Producer: Court Dunn
(USA) Digital Video
Life’s Decision                         102 Min.

There comes a time in every person life when
decisions have to be made. However, those
very same decisions could destroy everything
you love. The one you think is right might only
put you further into despair and danger. For
Carlo (Mark Anthony), a Latino from the Bronx,
that time has come. He has to make decisions
about what is most important in his life. Is his
family worth leaving the streets for? Is his
mistress the one for him? Are the streets worth
destroying his life for?

Carlo has never had an easy life growing up.
His father walked out on him and his mother
when he was a kid. His mother Maria (Gloria
Irizarry) adopted his friend Toni (Diana Foreno)
as her daughter. The competition between them
has always been fierce but the devotion to each
other was always stronger. Now, when they are
both grown up no devotion or competition can
prepare them from their destinies.

As you look back on your life you ever wonder if
you ever made the right decisions.

Director, Producer: Mark Anthony
(USA) Digital Video
Smell The Light                          11 Min

Adam Linn stars as Manfred, a blind yoga
student with a runaway imagination, who
fears he might be alone in the world. He
turns to meditation to get his mind off his
empty wallet, lack of vision and depressing
shortage of oral sex. While Manfred
meditates, Godfrey (George Ashiotis), a
mischievous, cigar-puffing gangster, can’t
resist offering his own brand of tough love.

In this groundbreaking, powerful new work,
blind filmmaker Adam Linn opens a window
on an unseen world of raw emotions,
personal taboos and one man’s quest to
discover his humanity. When senses
collide, you can’t always believe what you
see. Or what you hear. Sometimes a cigar
is more than a cigar, and sometimes you
have to wake up and 'Smell the Light'.

Writer: Adam Linn
Director, Producer: Adam Linn, Jim Phinney
(USA) Digital Video