Wednesday June 22, 2005
Loews Theatre Boston Common
Opening screenings and Gala Party
Session 1                5:45pm to 9:00pm
“DON’T GIVE ME THE FINGER”          15 Min.

Based on a play by Sir Alfred Hitchcock, “Don’t Give
Me The Finger” is the story of a down-on-his-luck
gambler who is lured into a tawdry high stakes,
winner-takes-all, wager by an elegant, but twisted,
bar owner.

Johnny has lost everything except for his girlfriend,
Veronica, and his DuPont lighter. After losing the last
of his money on a horse that didn’t come in, he finds
himself drinking himself into oblivion in a no-name
bar. Overhearing their conversation, Ross, the slick
bar owner, offers Johnny the ultimate temptation, a
beautiful fire engine red Ferrari. All Johnny has to do
make a simple wager.

Ross had heard Johnny proclaiming the reliability of
his DuPont lighter. He will wager his Ferrari that the
lighter will not ignite ten times consecutively. What
does Johnny have to put up? His finger. If the lighter
fails to light ten times, Big Bob, Ross’ friend, will cut
off Johnny’s finger.

Johnny, thinking the whole thing is more than a little
crazy, agrees. The lighter works nine times, when
they are suddenly interrupted by Hazel, Ross’

Will the lighter ignite the tenth and last time? What
twist is in store for Johnny and Veronica? The last 60
seconds will reveal everything.

Director / Producer: David Rick Balcorta
Cast: Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, David Rick Balcorta,
Adriane Galliher, Jastereo Coviare,
(USA) Super 35mm
Lawrence Hilton Jacobs
David Rick Balcorta
Adriane Galliher
WEST BANK STORY                        22Min.

West Bank Story is a musical comedy about DAVID, an
Israeli soldier, and FATIMA, a Palestinian fast food
cashier - an unlikely couple who fall in love amidst the
animosity of their families' dueling falafel stands in the
West Bank. Tensions mount when the Kosher King's new
pastry machine juts onto Hummus Hut property. The
Palestinians ruin the machine and the Israelis respond by
building a wall between the two eating establishments.
The couple profess their love for each other, triggering a
chain of events that destroys both restaurants and forces
all to find common ground in an effort to rebuild, planting
a seed of hope.

Director: Ari Sandel
PRODUCER: Amy Kim, Ashley Jordan, Ravi Malhotra,
Ari Sandel, Pascal Vaguelsy.
Cast: Ben Newmark, Noureen DeWulf, A.J. Tannen
Joey Naber
Gavin Kelly  
Yuval Ron  
Alethea Root  
Avi Youabian  
Private Island Trax Private Island Trax  
(USA) 35mm
“OXTAILS”                                21Min.

“Oxtails” is a comedy for anyone who believes in
love… with a little assistance.

Xavier subtly avoids eating his girlfriend’s meals out
of fear that she might be adding “roots” or black
magic to her recipes. At the local bar, his
commitment phobic friends reinforce his anxieties
while others provide rational alternatives. Is “roots”
alive and well or is Xavier overreacting? “Oxtails”
redefines the old adage; the way to a man’s heart is
through his stomach.

Cast: Miguel Coleman, Jade Jenise Dixon, Gabriel
Gonzales, Cheryl Francis Harrington, William L.
Johnson, Walter Emmanuel Jones, Valeria Mencias.
Patrice Moncill, Liz Ramos.

Director: Antonia March & Jacqueline McKinley
Executive Producer: Garnett L. March
Line Producer: Steve Stone
Producer: Arthur French.
(USA) Super16mm
DRUM                                94Min,

Based on a true story, the film focuses on young
journalist Henry Nxumalo, played by the superb Taye
Diggs, who works and plays hard while writing for the
historic black magazine Drum. But encroaching on his
tantalizing world is apartheid, spreading more and
more rapidly into Sophiatown, the last bastion of
interracial hipsterdom. Nxumalo goes undercover in
several tricky situations to get the cover story, all the
while balancing his home life and ambition. But his
safety is more and more at risk on the job and off as
apartheid gains momentum.

In one of the most accomplished films to come from
South Africa in a long time, Zola Maseko completes his
10-year effort to bring 1950s Johannesburg to the
screen with remarkable grace and tremendous
gratitude to producer Dumisani Dlamini who passed
away a few weeks before the film was finished.

Director: Zola Maseko
Executive Producers : Matt Milich, Jason Filardi,
Andreas Schmid, Andreas Crosch
Producers : Chris Sievernich, Dumisani Dlamini, Rudolf
Cinematographer : Lisa Rinzler
Editor : Troy Takaki
Production Designer : Eggert Ketilsson
Costume Designer : Pierre Viennings
Cast : Taye Diggs, Jason Flemyng, Gabriel Mann,
Tumisho Masha, Moshidi Motshegwa, Tanya Baleson
(South Africa) 35mm
Taye Diggs
Opening Night Gala Party 9:30pm
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