Session 20               
Sunday June 11, 2006    9:15PM TO 10:25PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston
Satanic                              (90 min)

Michelle survives a car accident in which her father was killed.
She is sent to a halfway house, where she has bad dreams in
which she relives her father’s accusations about why she
attacked another girl who they were driving to the hospital and
his grisly death. Her juvenile record, her journal and her things
all indicate she is a troubled youth, into black magic and drugs.
Michelle uses the ouija to try to contact her dead father. A killer
stalks her life, killing the other residents in the halfway house,
one by one. In the end, Michelle discovers she is not Michelle
but, but Kayla, the other girl, whom Evil-Michelle, the real
daughter, had befriended and was planning to kill in order to
receive immorality and punish her father. When Kayla survived
the crash in which the real Michelle disappeared, the doctors
thought she was Michelle and gave her Michelle’s face in
reconstructive surgery. The real Michelle has been stalking her
to reclaim her immorality since Kayla got it by mistake. They
fight and one dies in a burning room. The doctor’s must
reconstruct the face of the survivor, who they think is Michelle.

Jeffrey Combs (Detective Joiner)
James Russo
Angus Scrimm
Annie Sorell (Michelle)
Brett Erickson
Eliza Swenson (Dalia)
Brian Burnette
Rick Dean
Diane Goldner (as Diane Ayala Goldner)
Alicia Loren

DIRECTOR: Dan Golden
WRITER: Dan Golden, Ben Powell
PRODUCER: Barry Barnholtz
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