Session 13               
Saturday June 10, 2006    8:15PM TO 10:30PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston
(86 min)

11:07 PM – New Year’s Eve. Addison Craig enjoys a brief
moment of escape as he stands outside his hotel, while
Scarlett Bell questions her relationship with husband-to-
be, Dean Collins, four floors above.

Over the course of the next ninety minutes, Midnight
captures the parallel lives of two downhearted strangers
and their intersection in two simultaneous, uninterrupted

Addison, a struggling screenwriter, is polishing the script
for Kosmos, the latest blockbuster from Hollywood director
Norton Kavanagh. Confined in a hotel just days before the
shoot, Addison finds himself torn between his conflicts
with Norton and his inability to love girlfriend and actress,
Holly Bedeau. Meanwhile, across the hall, Scarlett and
Dean celebrate the holiday together as they prepare for
the last promotional tour of Dean’s autobiographical
novel, Years of Perpetual Motion. When Dean opts to
spend his evening with a few friends, Scarlett is left
contemplating the love they once shared and the fear that
it will never return.

DIRECTOR, PRODUCER: Court Dunn, Michael Matson

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