O Lorde De Olinda                22Min.

An elderly man wearing a tuxedo, top hat,
and umbrella stands out amid the color,
chaos, and debauchery of carnival in Olinda,
Brazil. For more than 60 years, Mario Raposo
has transformed into a lord and walked the
streets of Olinda, greeted, revered, and
applauded wherever he goes. LORD OF
OLINDA is a documentary about this famous
carnival character who exemplifies the
playfulness and fantasy at the heart of this
cultural tradition. Interweaving scenes of his
daily life and of carnival, LORD OF OLINDA
explores the man behind the character: he is
a lord in his daily life and a character
throughout the entire year.

Director: Lucia Duncan, Lula Marcondes,
Silvana Beraldo.
Producer: Lucia Duncan
Brasil (Digital Video)