Session 8               
Friday June 9, 2006    7:45PM TO 10:15PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
The Latin Legends of Comedy
(94 min)

The Latin Legends of Comedy is a documentary about
the top three Latino funnymen in the country: JJ Ramirez,
Angel Salazar, and Joe Vega. I have watched these three
comics perform countless times, and they always hit it out
of the park.

Each comic has been entertaining different types of
audiences for over twenty years, and throughout that
time, have remained close friends, a rarity in an
extremely competitive world. The first time JJ did standup,
Joe was there and they immediately became best friends.
When Angel prepared to tryout for “Scarface,” he called
the other two men to tell them about the audition. When
Joe discovered a new venue, he passed the information
on to his buddies.

The more I worked with them, the more it bothered me
that despite their individual successes and achievements,
they have more or less flown under the radar. I loved that
each of them had their own style, yet on the same show,
they managed to complement each other perfectly; JJ
with his cool attitude, Joe’s classic-comic style, and Angel’
s outrageous antics.

The deserved more, and audiences deserved them…and
I had some credit cards with room on them.

When I proposed doing a film about them, they were
excited, but skeptical; many years in a hard business can
add up to many unfulfilled promises. But after much
cajoling and endless mojitos, they agreed, buying into my
passion. They were excited; being headliners they rarely
get to work together.

I shot more than one show for the movie, but ultimately
ended up using the performances that each comic did
from the same show. I didn’t borrow a joke from one show
and drop it into another. There is no laugh track, no
gimmicks. JJ, Angel and Joe worked the same crowd in
their own way, and each of them did what they always do
– hit it out of the park.

And I only maxed out six credit cards.

JJ Ramirez,
Angel Salazar,
Joe Vega

(USA) Digital Video

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