Journey Into Sunset               
(24 min)

In January of 2005 Academy Award nominated actor
Don Cheadle journeyed to Africa with a congressional
delegation to bear witness to the suffering of the
Sudanese refugees living in camps in the desert of
Chad. It was an enlightening and heartbreaking
experience for all who went, and one that further
opened Cheadle’s eyes to the suffering that is
commonplace in that continent. Six months later
Cheadle and his family were invited to attend a charity
screening of Hotel Rwanda for the children of Northern
Uganda, called “night commuters” who nightly flee
their homes seeking refuge in large camps in the cities
to keep from being kidnapped and forced to fight for
the rebel Lords Resistance Army. “Journey Into
Sunset” documents these children’s lives. Some of
them have been able to avoid being kidnapped.
Others who weren’t so lucky fought and committed
horrible atrocities and died at the will of their captors.
More than 30,000 children have been abducted into
the LRA over the last 2 decades. It is a story that is
largely unknown to the outside world. This is also a
story of how the lives of Don and his family were
changed as a result of the people, young and old, that
they met and the things they saw and heard.

WRITER: Rick Wilkinson
PRODUCER: Rick Wilkinson
(USA, Sudan, Chad) Digital Video

Bridgid Coulter (Don Cheadle’s wife) holds a baby
found in the bush after a firefight.  His name is
“Olara” which means “God saved me”.  
photo by Rick Wilkinson
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“family@Unyama”-Cheadle family at the Unyama Displaced Persons Camp, Uganda
photo by Rick Wilkinson
“the crew”- Left to right: Rick Wilkinson-Director  Dru Mungai-
Videographer    Don Cheadle    Mark Muthee-Sound
photo by John Prendergast
   Session 1 Journey Into Sunset               
Wednesday June 7, 2006    5:45PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Boston International Film Festival