Daughters and Sons                25Min.

'Daughters and Sons - Preventing Child
Trafficking in the Golden Triangle' is a
poignant documentary about the efforts of
human rights activist, Sompop Jantraka, and
the children has saved, to combat the
plague of child sex slavery.

The film opens with a pedophile describing
sex with a ten year old 'nymphomaniac.' Sex
with enslaved children is 'just the way it is

Jantraka passionately disagrees. He has
devoted his life to combating trafficking at its
source by convincing families that education
is a better alternative to selling their children.

Meet Khai, Saifon and Tom, three children
who reside in the center where they are
being given opportunities to create new
lives for themselves

Compelling and insightful, 'Daughters and
Sons' conveys the urgent need to protect
children before they are trafficked.

Director, Producer: Sarah Feinbloom  
Executive Producer: Jane McBride, Patricia
(USA) Digital Video