Session 6               
Friday June 9, 2006    12:30PM TO 2:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Breaking News                    (60 min)

'Breaking News' is not a film about Kobe Bryant or Michael
Jackson. It is not even a film about celebrity trials per se.
'Breaking News' is a film about the decline of television news in a
desperate race for ratings and dollars. It's a demonstration of
how news has been transformed from a public service for all
Americans, to a glitzy, Hollywood business that thrives on cheap
thrills to score viewership. The casualties of this race are ethical
journalism and the public service of our airwaves. “We are being
told to write for an eighth-grade education… in fact someone told
me now it’s down to seventh grade.” Tamara Banks, Reporter,
KWGN-TV, Denver. When the big business of news media comes
to town on the trail of a sensational celebrity trial, lives are
changed. Stars are created. Ethical barriers shattered. The trials
develop into defining cultural events, dividing communities and
dominating lunchroom banter with tales of murder, sex and
scandal. But why is it news? The trials of NBA star Kobe Bryant
and pop superstar Michael Jackson hit the sweet spot of media
trials. 'Breaking News' chronicles the extraordinary activities of
these celebrity trials; turning the camera on the cameras.
Granted access to the inner workings of the news teams, we
follow the journalists as they scramble to put together stories
about nothing. “Breaking News” confronts one of the most
pressing issues facing modern media—the constant pressure on
television news organizations for ratings and money.

WRITER: Brian Malone, Kevin Brass
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Brian Malone, Steven Kaplan, Scott
(USA) Digital Video

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