April 11 – 21, 2014
                                SCREENPLAY TO PRODUCTION CONTEST
                                                     ENTRY FORM

                                            APPLICANT INFORMATION


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: ___________
Daytime phone: __________________________ nighttime phone or cell: _________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________________________

Co-SCREENWRITER (if applicable)
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________
Company: ____________________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State: _______________ Zip: ________________________
Daytime phone: _______________________________ Alternate phone: __________________________
Email: _______________________________


LOGLINE (one to two sentences description):




�� Documentary Short                 ��
Narrative Short                                                                                                                ��Documentary
Feature              �� Narrative Feature

Percentage of budget already secured (if any): _________%

Is it an adaptation (e.g. book, play)? �� Yes �� No
NOTE: Rights must already be secured.  If yes, provide name and type of source material:

�� Animation       �� Comedy                 �� Horror                 �� Science Fiction         �� Western
�� Action             �� Coming of Age      �� Period                 �� Supernatural             �� Other
�� Children         �� Drama                    �� Romance            �� Thriller

Send entries to:
Boston International Film Festival, Attn:
BIFF Screen. to Prod. Contest
PO BOX 240023 Dorchester, MA 02124

info@bifilmfestival.com | All entries must be postmarked on or prior to March 31, 2014
ENTRY FEE (Paid in U.S. Dollars to: Boston International Film Festival)
�� $75.00 Feature-length narrative and documentary screenplays (45 to 130 pages)
�� $55.00 Short narrative and documentary screenplays (up to 45 pages)

Certification of Entrant:
I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows:
1. I have read, understood and complied with the Rules & Regulations;
2. To the best of my knowledge, all the statements in this document are true;
3. This project is not subject to litigation nor is it threatened by any litigation;
4. I understand that the copy of the screenplay I have submitted will not be returned to me.
5. I am duly authorized, on my own behalf and on behalf of any other person or entity who has
any ownership rights in the project, to submit this project to the Boston International Film Festival and I
represent that this submission will not violate any law or any right of any person or entity;

_________________________________________________________         Date ___________________
Signature of Entrant

__________________________________________________________       Date ___________________
Signature of Co-writer

                             SUBMISSION RELEASE AGREEMENT

Boston International Film Festival
PO BOX 240023
Dorchester, MA 02124

To The Boston International Film Festival:
I am concurrently submitting to you with this release form (the “Release”) a completed BIFF SPC
Entry Form, signed, dated, an entry fee of $_______ (U.S.) payable to:
Boston International Film Festival (“BIFF”) and an original screenplay entitled

(such screenplay, together with any other ideas or material submitted by me hereunder, collectively, the
“Submission Material”) for entry in the 2014 BIFF SPC Program (the “Program”). I hereby
represent, warrant and agree that:

1. I am executing this Release to induce BIFF to review the Submission Material, and I acknowledge
that BIFF has refused to accept, consider or otherwise evaluate said Submission Material without my
acceptance of each and all of the provisions of this Release, and that BIFF has not examined said
Submission Material prior to my execution of this Release. I further acknowledge and agree that (a) BIFF is
not undertaking any obligation to either examine or use said Submission Material; and (b) my delivery and/or
disclosure of the Submission Material hereunder, and/or my entering this Release, does not establish any
express or implied confidential relationship between me and BIFF, nor shall my involvement in the Program,
if any, create any joint venture, partnership or other relationship between BIFF and me.

2. I have retained copies of the screenplay and release BIFF of and from any and all liability for loss of, or
damage to, the copy of said screenplay submitted hereunder.

3. I am the sole author and owner of all Submission Material and have the full right and authority to submit
the Submission Materials to BIFF upon the terms and conditions stated herein. The Submission Material is
original with me, and the submission hereunder of the Submission Material will not violate any law or
any right of any person or entity

4. I Warrant that the submitted work is not presently under option and has not been purchased by anyone or
company in the film industry.

5. I understand that BIFF and anyone connected with the Program may have created materials and ideas
that may be similar or identical to the Submission Material in theme, idea, plot, format or other respects. I
also recognize that many stories and ideas are similar, and often different stories and ideas relate to one or
more common underlying themes.

6. If for any reason BIFF uses any portion of the Submission Material in violation of my rights, my remedy
shall be limited to an award of money which shall not exceed the fair market value, as of the date of this
Release, of the non-exclusive right to use similar material for a similar use. In no event shall I be entitled to
any other or additional compensation or remedy. I hereby waive any right to seek injunctive or other
equitable relief in connection with any claim that I may bring that BIFF, or any person or entity affiliated or
related to BIFF, may have used any portion of the Submission Material in violation of my rights. I
acknowledge and agree that the foregoing means I may not enjoin or interfere with the development,
production, distribution, advertising, promotion or other exploitation of any work in connection with any such
claim that I may have.

7. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless BIFF representatives and employees from and against any claim,
loss, damage or expense (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and disbursements) arising out of
or in connection with the Submission Material (including, without limitation, any and all claims of third parties,
whether or not groundless, based on the Submission Material), the delivery and/or disclosure of the
Submission Material by me and/or any breach or alleged breach of any of my representations, warranties,
covenants and/or agreements hereunder.

8. I understand that the Submission Material will not be returned to me for any reason. I understand
that BIFF accepts no liability whatsoever for non-receipt, damage or loss of the Submission Material and I
agree to hold the Program Parties harmless from any such non-receipt, damage or loss.

9. I hereby grant BIFF the non-exclusive right to use my name, likeness, photograph, voice, sound and/or
biographical information in connection with any and all publicity and promotional activities with respect to the

10. I have read, understood and complied with this Release, the Entry Form and the Eligibility
and Guidelines for the BIFF SPC Program.


Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________

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Signature of co-writer:__________________________________________________________________

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