Session 20               
Sunday June 11, 2006    9:15PM TO 10:25PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston
(16 min)

John (JAMES DENTON) finds himself in the psychiatric ward
of a hospital with amnesia. He is the chief suspect in the
criminal investigation of an explosion at a local refinery.
Doctors Crenvalt (SCOTT THOMSON) and Utterborg (LENNY
ROSE) are charged with evaluating John's ability to answer
questions that Detective Bonell (DAVID ALAN GRAF) has
about the explosion. When John claims that he is from
another planet, one doctor thinks he’s lying to avoid
prosecution; the other thinks he may be mentally ill. A nurse
(SHAWN LOCKIE) who lost her father in the refinery
explosion is willing to risk everything to make sure that John
doesn’t get away with murder.

James Denton  (Desperate Housewives,
Threat Matrix, Philly, The Pretender)
Scott Thomson  (Clockstoppers, Twister,
Police Academy (1, 3 & 4), Fast Times
at Ridgemont High)
Shawn Lockie  (Carbuncle, Cain And Abel
(TV Pilot), Seinfeld (NBC), Cracker (ABC))
Lenny Rose  (Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital,
ER 'Friendly Fire', Seinfeld 'Airplane', Coach)
David Graf  (This Girl's Life, The Steve Harvey Show,
The Teenage Witch, General Hospital,)

PRODUCER: Christopher Keller, Matthew Klawitter, David
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