An American Race                  63 Min.

This film - 'an american race' - is a 65 minute
feature Documentary about three boys quest to
make the best Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby race
car. The Pinewood Derby race was started over 50
years ago, and since then, over 80 million cars
have been raced in literally every town, city,
county, and state in America.

I produced the film with my 13-year old son, and it
has been quite an experience. What started out as
just a father-son project, (to teach my son how to
make films - I am a graduate of film school from
Northwestern University in Chicago), has turned
into a major and wonderful undertaking.
We hope you enjoy the race! Marc & Jake Wortman

Director: Marc Wortman
Producer: Jake Wortman
(USA) Digital Video