A Cry For Madiom                                                63Min.

A unique documentary. A powerful and dreadful experience. A
rare insight into an isle of desperate hope in the ocean of
misery called “South Sudan”. A testimony, to the lives of some
of the most unfortunate victims of Africa’s longest war and the
few Westerners that came to their aid.

Former Israeli television journalist Erez T Yanuv Barzilay
witnessed the horrific situation in southern Sudan during two
visits in 1993 and 1998.

“These immense scenes of human suffering are haunting me
to this day. Especially knowing not much has changed during
the past 50 years. The misfortune has only spread to the
adjacent Darfur region, a bit further north,” writes Erez in the
non-narrated film’s closing remarks.

Director, Producer: Erez Barzilay
(Canada) Digital Video