Thursday June 23, 2005
Bill Bordy Theater
Session 4                12:45pm to 4:30pm
I’m Still Here: Real Diaries
of young people who lived
During the Holocaust                     44Min

“I’m Still Here” brings to life the diaries of young
people who witnessed first-hand the horrors of the
Holocaust. Through an emotional montage of
archival footage, personal photos, and text from
the diaries themselves, the film celebrates a group
of brave, young writers who refused to quietly

The diaries of these young people were collected
for the first time in the award-winning book,
Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the
Holocaust, written by Alexandra Zapruder and
published in spring 2002 by Yale University Press.

The film is scored by Moby, and the diaries are
read by some of today’s most talented young
actors such as Elijah Wood, Ryan Gosling, Brittany
Murphy, Amber Tamblyn, and Kate and Oliver
Hudson among others. Original footage was shot in
Vilnius, Lithuania, site of the original Jewish ghetto.

Director: Lauren Lazin
Producer: Allison Leikind, Alexandra Zapruder
Executive Producer: Dave Sirulnick and Van Toffler
(USA) Digital Video
Spit                                        22Min

Jack Danziger (Eric Roberts) meets Turbo, (Greg
Haberny) a skateboarder hit man at a desolate diner
on a rainy New York night. Jack makes a generous
offer to have Turbo kill his cheating wife, Charlene
Danziger (Brette Taylor). But, unbeknownst to Jack is
that, Turbo has already been employed by Charlene,
who wants to have Jack killed.
Turbo uses the setup as a means of creating what
amounts to a bidding war. Charlene phoning in her
offers while Turbo takes her calls within full sight of
Jack. Jack is in the dark about this until Turbo gets a
too confident and lets a small, jarring piece of
information slip to Jack…information that Jack
realizes Turbo would know only if he has met his wife.

Cast:Eric Roberts  (Jack Danziger)
Greg Haberny  (Turbo)
Brette Taylor  (Charlene)
Writer, Director, Producer: Michael Scalisi
(USA) Super16mm
The Fix                                32Min

Shay Riley, once a heavyweight contender, lost his
career years ago by throwing a fight for money. Now
Shay coaches his son Benny in the ring. Shay's
corner man Cyrus prepares Benny for the fights by
injecting his hands with 'Novacain' to give him an

Benny quickly becomes hooked. He breaks down and
visits Cyrus who gives him a fix in the middle of the

On the high stakes fight night, Shay withholds the
drugs. Benny explodes, confronting his father for the
first time in his life. Fighting exhaustion and
withdrawal, Benny fights valiantly in the last fight to no

Shay walks silently to the gym showers to find out
what remains of his broken relationship with his son…

Cast: Robert Patrick
Kevin Chapman, Travis Aaron Wade, David Paymer  
Writer: Jonny Hirschbein
Director, Producer: Adam Kane
(USA) Super16mm
Lost in Plainview                            92 Min.

The battle between good and evil is fought every
day. Melissa and Nina, two coeds are ride sharing
to California. On a stretch of highway, they are
stopped by a mysterious police car. The cop
charms Melissa and escorts them to the
stationhouse to “pay her ticket”. She and the cop
engage in carnal exploration in an empty jail cell.
Nina’s patience runs out and Melissa is forced to
cut their lustful rendezvous short. The cop attempts
to rape Melissa when she tries to leave. She fights
the psychotic killer and runs out. Alone and on foot,
the girls struggle across the sweltering desert
desperately seeking help. Determined not to
become victims, the girls decide to take matters into
their own hands.

Cast: Marquita Terry  (Deep Cover, The Shield,
Spin City, Becker)
Layla Alexander  (Tear of the Sun, Serendipity, Law
& Order SVU, Sleepy Hollow)
Matthew Glave  (Corky Romano, Rock Star, The
Wedding Singer, ER)

Writer, Director: Eric Chambers
Producer: Kerry Rossall, Eric Chambers, Steve
Executive Producer: Robert Abramoff
(USA) Super16mm
Eric Roberts
Marquita Terry
Layla Alexander