Friday June 24, 2005
Strand Theater
Session 10        8:30pm to 10:30pm
One Life to Give                        30Min.

This is a story how a person’s life can
change in one split second. How a
tragedy can so be bittersweet. Warren,
newly married to a beautiful wife Beverly,
has to make a life changing decision of
saving the mother of his daughter or his
new wife.

Cast: Gary McDonald, Lisa Canning  
Rana Davis  
Rishonda Napier  

Director: Darryl Smith
Producer: Everett Anderson
(USA) Digital Video
The Trunk                                    86Min

Alberto is planning the ultimate romantic
escape, but before he can catch the
airplane he will endure the creepiest day
of his life. A story of treason, murder,
mystery, romance and car trunks.

CAST. Helder Mendes, Rui Unas  
Adelaide Sousa.

Writer, Director, Producer:
Fernando Fragata

(Portugal) 35mm