Monet's Palate TM                        60Min

Monet's Palate TM - A Gastronomic View from the
Gardens of Giverny:

Explores the palate to palette connection between
Great Artists and Chefs as demonstrated by the
father of Impressionism, Claude Monet. Claude Monet
was a great painter, his passions extended to
magnificent gardens, world wide travel and fine
cuisine. Great contemporary chefs including ALICE
ROGER VERGE prepare the cuisine Monet adored.
In addition, MERYL STREEP'S opening narration sets
the stage for a wondrous culinary and artistic tour of
Normandy,Paris,London and Monet's famous home
and gardens in Giverny. Monet's Palate was filmed
entirely on location and includes the Monet paintings
held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Monet's
Palate explores food and art through the eyes of
Claude Monet,the orginal foodie..

Cast: Meryl Streep  (narration)
Steve Wynn  (on camera interview)
Joachim Pissarro  (on camera interview)
Alice Waters  
Michel Richard  
Daniel Boulud

Writer and Executive Producer: Aileen Bordman
Director: Steven Schechter