A Story by Mike Gerrard & Patrick Jerome
From the original version "The Vision"
Winner of the first Boston Int'l Film Festival
Screenplay to Production contest
A young Jazz singer Aviva in
her late 20’s, after one of her
live concert gets approach by a
millionaire Peter De Funes who
is in his late 60’s. Their
encounter leads them to a
surprising intimate relationship.
Aviva dump her young boy
friend Alexandro and married
Peter. With the family’s fortune,
Aviva has seen the light of
success with the possibility of
financing her own recording
and worldwide release.
However, Aviva manage to
keep Alexandro around as her
voracity generates
manipulation. The marriage
becomes a gold mine in greedy
hands, and then lethal. A series
of unpredictable events occurs
as Aviva is determine to feed
her ambition and dreams by
any means necessary.
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