"December 31"
A Story by Julia Liberman
Winner of the first Boston Int'l Film Festival
Screenplay to Production contest
A series of murders took place
in a big city. Housewives from
wealthy families were found in
their cars parked in downtown,
murdered and robbed of their
jewelry that was insured and
normally kept in safe deposit
boxes at the bank. The police
were unable to solve the
crimes. However, the murders
stopped as suddenly as they
started. The families of the
victims put together a $5million
reward fund for successful
leads, but even now, ten years
since the last murder, no
criminals have been found.

A young journalist, Lily is
assigned to write an article
about the tenth anniversary of
the crime, due by December
31. Lily’s fiancée, Rich an IT
consultant and his friend Jon a
private investigator, suggests
that together they can possibly
solve the mystery. Their daring
adventure leads them to a
revelation about the
complexities of human nature.