Boston International Film
 Session 27
Tuesday June 12, 2007    2:00PM TO 3:15PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St.

The Letter (21min)

It has been three long years since Stepan last saw his
family or heard from his wife. Stepan, a Soviet Army
soldier, spent these three years fighting fascists in a
partisan unit while his wife and two children considered
him missing-in-action, or even dead. Once in an army
hospital and awaiting his leave after an injury, Stepan
decides to find out just how much his wife loves him. He
writes a letter in which he tells her that he has had two
legs amputated. Now that he is a legless cripple, will
Shura accept him back? On receiving the letter, Shura
does not hesitate whatsoever. Together with her eldest
son she starts putting together a wheelbarrow in which
she is going to haul her legless husband home from the
train station. Stepan arrives... but there is a betrayal

Writer:  Matvei Jivov & Tatiana Sarana
Director:  Matvei Jivov
Producer:  Andrei Fedulov
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