Boston International
          Film Festival
                         Session 11
Saturday June 9, 2007    10:00AM TO 12:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St.

Once upon a Christmas Village (15min)

In this romantic musical animated comedy, Santa
Claus who is having his worst night ever has a near
miss with Air Force One and looses his magical pocket
watch that has the power to bring life to inanimate
objects and has the ability to stop time. The watch falls
to earth, through a chimney and lands in a Christmas
tree. Under the tree is a beautiful stained glass village
with happy villagers displayed throughout. The magic
of the watch brings to life these plastic villagers as we
meet the lovers, Troy and Noelle. When an
unexpected toy arrives (Dragasaurs) and wrecks
havoc in the village, Troy is accidentally taken by
train, to the back of the tree. Better known as the dark
side of the tree where no-one decorates, lays a
hidden gift, Sir Evil Medieval and his castle. Troy
learns that Sir Evil and his henchmen are going to
melt down the village people in the Suzy bake set, a
gift under the tree, and mold them into his army. Troy
warns the villagers only to be caught by Sir Evil. Troy
eventually defeats the villain and is rewarded with a
kiss by Noelle which proves that the spirit of Christmas
was saved with Loves first kiss. In the end Santa finds
his lost watch.

Writer, Director & Producer: Michael Attardi
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