Boston International
         Film Festival
                     Session 20
Sunday June 10, 2007    6:00PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St.

Her Best Move (102min)

High school is crazy enough, but for fifteen-year-old
soccer star SARA DAVIS (Leah Pipes), it's about to get
even crazier. On the field she dances through
opponents to make impossible shots on goal - skills
honed by her father GIL (Scott Patterson), a pro soccer
coach. Encouraged by best friend TUTTI (Lalaine) to
jump-start her life outside soccer, Sara makes up for
lost time and discovers there’s more to life than just
sports. As Gil pushes Sara to make the Development
Team, her hopes of performing in the dance recital and
exploring a relationship with JOSH (Drew Tyler Bell), are
shoved aside. With scouts watching every shot, Sara
faces the challenge of discovering who she is before
making the best move of her life.

Director: Norm Hunter
Assistant Director: Otto Michael Penzato
Production Manager: Denise Skinner
Co Producer: Craig Weisz, Gerald T. Olson
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