Boston International
              Film Festival
                            Session 14
Saturday June 9, 2007    6:00PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Day on Fire (94 min)

DAY ON FIRE  Is a gaunting portrait of violence. In New York,
four women go about their lives, oblivious to the menace that
is coming their way. Their Paths intersect against the
backdrop of a ghastly suicide bombing in Israel, And the
strange, foreboding wanderings of a mysterious man,
cruising the City for a woman.

A singer, a model, a journalist, and a doctor: As the women
come together, the Forces that will lead them to their fates
are gathering, on both sides of the ocean. Though the day
begins innocently, before the sun sets each will come face to
face With the terror and misery that the modern world brings,
and each will hope for some Redeeming moment or

The film is woven through with lovely and moving melodies of
old ballads,
Arranged by the celebrated jazz pianist John Medeski.

Olympia Dukakis
Carmen Chaplin
Judy Kuhn
Alyssa Sutherland
Martin Donovan
Noah Fleiss
Richard Bright
Johnny Ventimiglia
Damian Young

Writer, Director: Jay Anania
Producer: Larry Rattner, William Fisch, Susan R. Rodgers
Executive Producer: Lina Todd
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