Boston International
         Film Festival
                      Session 14
Saturday June 9, 2007    6:00PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St.

Club Soda (23 min)

Club Soda is a super natural fable based on true
events. It is a story of the struggles that we all face when
making the cruical decsisions that will define who we are
and the direction our lives will take. The Kid, Steve R.
McQueen, moves from Boston to NY with dreams of
becoming an actor. There, he is befriended by a group
of barflies who all offer their own brand of advice to help
the young 'Brando from Boston'. The kid steals money
from the bar awakeing the supernatural sprit 'James
Gandolfini' which causes him to re-evaluate his life
bringing him into conflict with his friends, and forcing him
to make some tough choices and change.

James Gandolfini
Lead Actor

Steven R. McQueen
Lead Actor

Director, Producer: Paul Carafotes
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