Boston International Film Festival
                             Session 9
Friday June 8, 2007    9:00PM TO 11:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Revelation (7 min)

Andrea Boisvert, a 29-year-old struggling actress, has been looking
for the acting role of a lifetime with the hopes of breaking into
Hollywood.  With one single phone call, a golden or disturbing offer
presents itself to Andrea at a crucial moment in her life.  Less than
a week away from her upcoming wedding, this timely call will lead to
a revelation of Andrea’s true character.

Writer, Director, Producer & Executive Producer:
Patrick Jerome - Bway 7 Productions

The Trainee (8 minutes)

Somewhere along the equator on the Far East side of the world lies
Singapore a city made famous by beautiful, ever-smiling Singapore
Airlines stewardesses. At 30,000 feet these dainty and demure
creatures are only too happy to serve you beef, chicken, or a
vegetarian option. But on the ground, customer service is a
different story. Meet “The Trainee”. She works the long haul, late
shift in a 24-hour convenience store along Keong Saik Road – a
road better known for the special customer service received in the
brothels here. Tonight she’s broken a freshly painted fingernail
while closing the register. So you better think twice before venturing
into her inconvenience store …

Writer & Director:  Julia Shih
Producer:  Reggie Currelley
Broken Halo Productions

Pieces (20mins)

While driving on a dark rural road in the dead of the night in
Mexico, a dysfunctional married couple believes it sees human
body parts lying in the middle of the road.

Writer & Director:  Julia Shih
Producer:  Reggie Currelley
Broken Halo Productions

Waning Moon (21 minutes)

Michael can't cope with the sudden death of his girlfriend Diane.
His best friend Patrick comes to help, but he soon understands that
something is wrong as Michael tries to explain what really
happened. The terrible truth comes out.

Writer & Director:  
Producer:  Reggie
Broken Halo Productions

The Trouble with Dee Dee (21min 10 sec)

Based on the short story by renowned author Ray Bradbury. A
young couple in the late nineteen forties dealing with the birth of
their first child. Alice, the mother endures a near fatal caesarian
operation. Afterwards she begins to resent the child and fears that
the baby intentionally attempted to murder her. David, the father
has to put the joys of early fatherhood in hold while he helps Alice
to better physical and mental health. When summer comes Alice
appears in better spirits and makes an effort to bond with her child.
When David slips on one of the baby’s toys at the top of the
staircase and almost falls to his death he too becomes suspicious
of the child’s innocence.

Writer, Director & Producer: Michael Meiners

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