Boston International Film Festival
                                  Session 8
Friday June 8, 2007    6:00PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

The Past Comes Back to Haunt (10 minutes)

Five years ago Natalie Waters, the greatest theatre actress of her
time, disappeared without a word from the theatre. No one heard from
her for many months. To this day she refuses to admit why she left.
Tonight she returns for her first show since her leave. Alone in the
theatre preparing herself, she can't shake the feeling that someone or
something is watching her. Will she be able to escape her past and

Writer, Director & Producer: Kate Zabinsky
Collaborator: None


Abe (8min)
It?s high noon and the sun of summer fills the town streets with
mesmerizing bright light. Abe is lying down lazily on the porch of a
beautiful old wooden Georgian house... he is the beloved dog of an
old widow named Emily Porter. Abe is a faithful dog who brings his
owner the newspaper everyday. But on the day when she doesn't
open her front door to get her paper, Abe is confused. His world is out
of order without his master. What will become of him when the one he
has faithfully served is no longer there for him?

Writer, Director & Producer: Khen Shalem
Collaborator: None
16mm Super

First   (29 min)

First love. First kill. First grace. Throughout our lives we experience
love, loss, and in rare instances, rebirth. Meet Angelina Marveau, a
fallen French nun struggling between her Catholic beliefs and her 'first'
love, an American Professor with a bloody past and a nihilistic view of
the world. Meet Illija Kustunica, a young Serbian assassin who gets his
first assignment just hours after his newborn child enters the world.
Meet Professor James Mooney, an American Professor who's been on
the run for years due to his former occupation with the C.I.A. Three
desperate lives crash, explode, and then converge into an irreversible
series of 'firsts'.

Writer, co-Director DB Woodside
co-Director & Producer: Nick Sivakumaran


When a man Falls in The Forest (87 minutes)

An unhappily married woman shoplifts to relieve her suffering,
And is one of four sad middle-classes
Characters living in a small town in the Midwest.

Timothy Hutton
Dylan Baker
Sharon Stone
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Nicholas Elia

Writer, Director; Ryan Eslinger
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