Boston International Film Festival
                            Session 7
Friday June 8, 2007    3:00PM TO 5:45PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Encuentros   (12min)

During one rainy night Clara is forced to face her most feared demons,
in a quest to find her true self. An individual journey experienced by
humanity since the beginning of time.

Writer, Director & Producer: Edgar Revilla Rodrigues


Happy Birthday 2 You (Y Que Cumplas Muchos Mas)
(13 min)

Clara, a social worker, is gonna discover a dark secret on her way to
help a kid who is suppose to be suffering of child abuse. But nobody,
even herself, is who pretends to be in this story about murder, cats and
birthday presents.

Writer, Director & Producer: Victor Mata
Collaborator: none
35mm Super


Tango Passion (16 min)

Tango Passion - Electric Erotic Enticing Intriguing A tale of sex, passion,
and desire. Two sensuous people of that certain age, meet at an
Argentine Tango dance in New York City. As they flirt and dance, the
romance heats up, and sparks fly. A riveting and sexy seduction
proceeds with twists, turns, and unusual shocking surprises. Must see!
What Inspired My Film: I’ve always thought that older people should
remain passionate and not give up their zest for living and loving. Dylan
Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night” echoes those thoughts.
I wrote Tango Passion reflecting that feeling where two people of that
certain age are still sexually turned on. It doesn’t get any better.

Writer, Director & Producer:  Emanuel Wittels
Collaborator: None


One Long Night (90 min)

Set in 1994 at the height of California Governor Pete Wilson's
administration, during the ugly struggle over a controversial proposition
that tore apart the Mexican and Anglo American communities—One
Long Night is the story of a simple, conservative, half-Mexican half-
Scottish businessman trying to survive an insane night lost in Mexico
City among the drag queens, crooked cops, gangsters and femme

Richard Macedo is sent on assignment to Mexico City just days before
his wedding. Alone south of the border, in a country he's never been to,
in a city that should have been his home, Richard is kidnapped and
robbed by Felix  (the leader of a ruthless gang), after he witnesses the
brutal murder of an innocent store owner. He escapes only to fall—
literally—into the hands of a pair of drag queens who nearly throw him
out of a window with a used sex toy stuffed in his mouth. He’s rescued
by Patty, the beautiful performer at a local club with whom Richard
becomes smitten. To save his life “the ladies” dress him as a woman to
avoid detection—kinda.

This is the misadventure filled odyssey, full of exotic characters and
dangerous thrills and even more dangerous liaisons of Richard Macedo.
As he tries desperately to get back to what he calls civilization, Richard
learns amazing things about his character, about his Mexican heritage,
and about the father he’s never known.

He learns not only where he’s from—but who he is—all in ONE LONG

Lead Actor, Hector Suarez-Gomis,
Lead Actor, Itati Cantoral,
Lead Actor, Jon Seda
Writer, Director & Producer: David Siqueiros
Martin J. Barab, Executive Producer
Reynaldo Villalobos, Cinematographer/DP

16mm Super
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