Boston International Film Festival
                              Session 5
Thursday June 7, 2007    9:30PM TO 11:50PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Making Do    (4min)
When a bored eight year old can't get her mother's attention, she
changes her focus.

Writer & Director:  Mary Tucker
Executive Producer:  Kirt Kiester
16mm Super


Chinese Dumplings    (7min : 59sec)

“Chinese Dumplings” illuminates how, in childhood, small moments
define us in big ways. Like so many Chinese-American kids growing
up in the late 1970s, Lucy, 9, and Grace, 7, would rather be playing
outside after school than practicing violin in their living room.
Believing that they especially deserve a break because it is Grace's
birthday this day, older sister Lucy goes out of her way to look out
for their interests. In the end, however, it is Lucy and even Mom,
who are surprised by younger sister Grace's actions. Although
tradition, family, and loyalty may sometimes feel trying or even
burdensome, they are the values that bond and keep us together.

Writer, Director, Executive Producer:  Michelle Hung
Producer:  Lillian Wang
35mm Super


Wooden Soul    (11min)

WOODEN SOUL SYNOPSIS Eleven-year-old Amber is coming to
terms with the imminent death of her father. Her mother is absent
due to hospital visits, so Amber finds solace in her woodwork; a skill
nurtured by her father and by her teacher. Amber’s woodwork
project helps her cope with the impending death of her father. The
manner by which Amber displaces her grief is charming to some,
shocking to others. WOODEN SOUL statement by Rehana Rose
Khan Children are often more resilient to death than adults. I want
to show that the death of a parent is traumatic, and children explore
very different ways of coping. I want the audience to empathize with
Amber - her loneliness, her lack of parental guidance and her
sadness - even if they do find her behavior a little odd. It is said by
child bereavement specialists that children may initially be too
shocked to show any type of emotion. The fact that a child can fool
around mistakenly implies that they are not grieving. The reality
though, is children often cannot tolerate long periods of sadness
and so revert to an introverted world, in which they feel safer and
happier. When a child of Amber’s age has to cope with death, ritual
and burial are an inevitable part of the experience.

Writer, Director & Producer:  Rehana Rose Khan
Ponder Productions Limited
Producer:  Christine Hartland
Executive Producer:  Lud Romano


Aurore    (55min)

Quebec, May 1909 - Dawn breaks in Sainte-Philomène de
Fortierville. Marie-Anne Caron, wife of Télesphore Gagnon, gives
birth to their second daughter. Born at dawn, the child will bear the
name of «Aurore » (Dawn). She grows up a happy child, until
tuberculosis takes away her adored mother. Everything collapses in
the young girl's life. Télésphore Gagnon, widowed only a week, falls
under the spell of his attractive cousin Marie-Anne Houde and
marries her. Marie-Anne settles in the house and rules the small
family with an iron fist. Slowly, her dark side takes over. The people
of Sainte-Philomène de Fortierville stay silent as they slowly witness
increasingly strange events in the Gagnon household. The story will
make the entire country shudder with horror. The film shows the
social reality of Quebec during the early 1900's rarely seen on the
big screen. The people of Ste-Philomène who chose to abide by the
rule of Omerta will finally have their true story told.

Writer & Director:  Luc Dionne
Producer:  Daniel Louis
Producer:  Denise Robert
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