Boston International
Film Festival
Session 32
Tuesday June 12, 2007    4:00PM TO 7:00PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

El Bolero (12min)

Using a minimum of dialogue to tell the story of a lonely
widower, El Bolero is a short, romantic drama that touches
upon universal themes of love and loss. The frenetic, sun
drenched, bustle of Mexico City is in sharp contrast to the
seclusion of Raymundo. As another lonely day begins he is
distracted by a stubborn spot on his well worn shoes which
causes him to take note of his own worn down existence.
Fond, yet painful, memories of his wife only add to his forlorn
state when he discovers a key and a cryptic note that lead him
to an encounter with an amiable but insistent Bolero (shoe-
shiner). Raymundo succumbs to the persistence of the Bolero,
who works more than a miracle on his shoes. The Bolero
removes accumulated layers of dirt and grime, and in the
process restores and transforms more than the leather. A
surprised and eternally grateful Raymundo can hardly believe
what he sees and feels, and rushes home to find another
surprise waiting there for him. El Bolero, shot entirely on
location in Mexico City's historical El Centro district, speaks to
all languages, all cultures and all ages as it reminds us of the
power and beauty of a couple's love which endures across all
barriers and boundaries. A clever ending leaves the viewer
with various interpretations of the finality and continuity of love
and death. Was it a miracle, magic or something else?

Writer, Director; Producer; Executive Producer:  Robert
Black Pearl Productions  

Production Manager & Co-Producer: Augustin Munoz

Co-producer:  Fernando Ruiz, Joe Figucia,

Associate Producer Marcelo Arambu


Silence is Golden (14min)

My neighbor’s a right looney. He's always banging our wall
down. I'm used to it. I think other people's houses are well
weird. There's no knocking - right?

Writer & Director:  Chris Shepherd

Producer & Executive Producer:  Maria Manton

Associate Producer:  Nicolas Schmerkin
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