Boston International Film Festival
                           Session 30
Tuesday June 12, 2007    9:00PM TO 10:45PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Pieces (20min)

While driving on a dark rural road in the dead of the night in Mexico, a
dysfunctional married couple believes it sees human body parts lying in the
middle of the road.

Writer & Director:  Julia Shih
Producer:  Reggie Currelley
Broken Halo Productions

August the First (81min)

'August the First' begins as a promising day. Preparations are wrapping up for
a college graduation party to celebrate Tunde Ibirinde’s achievement. Friends
and family have agreed to re-unite on this day in his honor. One guest,
however, threatens to upset the day’s festivities. Unbeknownst to most, Tunde
has orchestrated the return of his long estranged father, Dipo, from Nigeria.
This becomes a quiet irony in the film, for in the Yoruba people, when an adult
has a child following the death of his or her own parent, that child is named to
honor the grandparent it will never see. Daughters are named for passed
mothers, sons for fathers. For instance, a man might name his first son born
after the death of his own father 'Babatunde' (baba = father, tunde = return). In
other words, through this child, the father has returned. Dipo's return
resurrects unresolved family anguish against the backdrop of Tunde’s
graduation party. As the day turns to night, the fallout begins. Old wounds are
re-opened and bad habits are revived. Layer by layer, deceptions and half
truths are peeled away as secrets are uncovered in what will become the most
unforgettable day the family has ever experienced.

Writer, Producer & Director:  Lanre Olabisi
L-Train Productions
Producer:  Gabriel “Swede” Sedgwick & Nicky Arezu Akmal
Executive Producer:  Gail Olabisi
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